Early Life
Padm'e Amidala was always an intelligent young girl. So advanced and wise, she became princess of Theed and Queen of Naboo all at the age of 14, Queen Amidala. She was a loved queen and a great negotiator. While she was respected and praised by her subjects and fellow royalty, many were furious and planned her assassination. After multiple death attempts were made, she got a hint and recruited body guards and decoys.


Even though she was at the time playing it safe, did not make her back down. She continued to give it everything she had and be the best queen she could be. When she tried to make a peaceful treaty with the trade federation however things became extremely complicated. She was ambushed at her own palace, and double crossed by the neomodians she thought colleagues. Luckily for her ,her decoy was currently acting as her, and two jedi were sent rescue her, Qui-gon Jin and Obi-wan Kenobi. They made a daring rescue, saved her, and they all fled to their ship. Through their voyage, the ship died and got damaged by hot pursuers. They were forced to land immediately. Jedi master Qui-gon and gungan they found on Naboo named Jar Jar Binks set out to search Tattooine, the planet they landed on, for the parts they needed to fix the ship. Padme disguised as a hand maiden, requested to go with them to report back to the queen. They reluctantly let her come.

File:Clone Wars TV Clip - Padme’s Speeder Bike Chase